I can't believe it's been 4 years, it has gone by so fast. I could have never asked for anything more. Kev has been such a great husband and dad. He works so hard to make us happy. We love him.

4 year anniversary!


the boys

These are G's cousins, Brody and Brayden aren't they cute?! On sunday at Grandmas we realized the boys had the same underwear on, so of course I had to take pictures. I love having a little potty trained guy now, it makes my life a lot easier.

These pictures of West make me look like a terrible mom, but I promise he was only outside while I took some pictures. I can't wait for the warm weather so we can play outside all day. I love the little guys, they keep me entertained.


Valentine's Day

Kev took me to Thanksgiving Point for Valentine's Day! It was really fun, they had the place all decorated with candles and flowers everywhere it was gorgeous. They had a great dinner prepared for us, a band, and an open floor for dancing. We went with some of Kev's family and had a great time. It sure beats waiting 3 hours to eat dinner somewhere. He's always thinking of fun things to surprise me with.


Handy Man!!

Kev is so handy to have around, I thougth I would share his amazing talent with everyone. He has made me a piece of furniture for my birthday, christmas, anniversary, or any major holiday (he's so busy, it's the only time I can get him to make me anything.)I love the work he does, it is much cuter than anything I can buy in the store. Don't worry... he didn't make the things sitting on the furniture, I just didn't want to clear everything off for the picture. My two favorites are Garretts bed and my new computer desk. ( If you'll notice....I may have a slight obsession with black. I'm not very adventurous.) Hopefully there will be many more projects to come.