Garrett's 5th Birthday.......

I can't believe I have been married long enough to have a five year old!! I wasn't quite sure what to think on G's Birthday. I really don't want him to grow up as fast as he's growing. He's such a good little guy. He has such a tender heart and is my best bud! I love him so much!!
Loving his new bike

Singing Happy Birthday with the Wood Fam

We went to the highland waterpark with a few cousins to celebrate since he didn't get a real party this year. He thought it was just as fun and it was way simple for me.

Luke, West, Brax, G, Kate and Cole

He spent most of the day riding his bike and loving every minute of it.

He was more excited about getting a water bottle than anything else!!


enjoying summer

It's been so long since I've posted any pictures but we have been so busy. We've already had a blast this summer and it's just starting. I'm trying to entertain the boys and get some fun in before the baby comes. I planned most things for the month of June because I figured it's not so hot and I am feeling really good right now. Here's some of the highlights so far.......
My parents and a bunch of our friends came to watch and the boys thought it was awesome to have people cheering for them. Thanks everyone for making their day!
West, Luke, and G

Poor West didn't get to ride the sheep because some kid jumped in line and so they ran out of sheep by the time it was Westons turn. I was ticked but we'll have to talk more about it later. He was all ready to go and then they told him he couldn't. He was so dissapointed he cried. I felt so bad but I'm glad G got to go because he would be too big to do it next year.

G did awesome! He was only 2 points away from making it into the finals.
It was one of the funnest things to watch. Their cousin Luke did it too but I don't have any pictures of him riding. He did an awesome job.

ITTY BITTY BASEBALL West played Itty Bitty Baseball this year. He did so good.

He can swing

T-BALL G played T-ball with two of his cousins, Luke and Brayden and he thought it was the coolest thing. He did awesome!! The games were so much fun to watch.

so focused

PONY EXPRESS DAYSHanging out at the parade with friends

LEHI PARADE West, G, and Cousin Cooper

It was hot but they got enough candy to make it worth it

Garrett got to go to fishing with Kev and he loved it. They caught plenty of fish.

Uncle Jason, Kev, Grandpa Wood, Brody and G

I signed the boys up for swimming lessons, they were in the same class and loved every second of it! This is what they looked like everytime they were waiting to get in the water. They can't keep their hands off eachother. I love it!

I wish I could freeze them.

We've done a lot of playing with cousins while they're here visiting from ALASKA!! We're having so much fun with them.

This little guy is such a stud, his name is Henry but mostly we call him Hank. SO CUTE!