My sister Lori and her friend just opened up their own business. They have so many things to choose from. You can get flowers and other accessories for headbands, necklaces, bracelets or pins. They are interchangeable so the options are endless!! These two ladies are incredibly talented you have to check out their website http://www.missplunkettboutique.com/


Spread the Word

Braydn and Katie

These are two of the neatest people I know. They are our good friends and they are looking to adopt. I can't think of any other couple that deserve to be parents more than these two! They are always surrounded by kids. My boys can't get enough of them. They are always making us laugh and they make everything more fun! Please help spread the word. For more info click on the the B+K adoption button on the side of my blog. Thanks so much.


The Nursery....

I have had so much fun trying to figure out a nursery for a girl! It seems like it is a lot more work for a little girly but she's so worth it! The room would have never been finished if it weren't for Kev and our friends Matt and Jess. They were all so amazing! They showed up one Saturday and wouldn't leave until the job was done! They caulked, puddied, painted, hung wallpaper and sanded until 2 a.m. They were here for 12 hours! Kev and I were so grateful for extra help. It turned out great! We're so lucky to have such sweet friends. Reese LOVES her room!


Baby Reese

She finally came! She was two weeks early and weighed 6 lbs. 5 oz. Perfect size if you ask me. Everything went really well with the delivery and she is perfectly healthy. The boys were both in the nicu so I couldn't have them in my room with me or take them home when I left so this has been a different experience. Much easier and way more fun! She is a little angel, we have had so much fun with her. Garrett and West haven't seen her too much because they have colds so my parents have been watching them for us (thank goodness we have so much help). It has been a lot of fun having a little girl around. I'm excited for Garrett and West to be able to hold her and hang out with us.


Kindergarten and preschool

Garrett started Kindergarten and I'm feeling old! The first week was a little rough for him. I didn't want to send him because it was so hard for him to go. He wasn't sure about the bus or the big classroom. He told me one day after school that he likes to go under the playground at recess to cry. I asked him why he cries and he said, "Cause I miss you Mom." Seriously? It breaks my heart. One day at the bus stop he was waiting to get on and he had big tears running down his face the whole time. It made me want to take him home and never send him out the door again. I think the reason I felt so bad was because he was so quiet about it. Every time he would cry he would hide so nobody could see him. It was hard to watch him go through it but I knew I couldn't cave in and drive him to school everyday or hold his hand so I sent him on the bus everyday and now he absolutely loves it!!

West just started preschool right around the corner from us so we can walk to it. He goes twice a week in the morning (same time as Garrett) so I'm on my own twice a week and it has been great. I can't believe how big my boys are getting. It's nice because they are becoming more and more independent just in time for the baby to come. Only two more weeks!!