This is what we've been up to......

Reese has already hit her six week mark. I think it's gone way too fast! She is starting to wake up a lot more now and the boys are loving it. Her favorite thing in the world (besides her dad) is the bath. Everytime she gets in this is what happens.......
The warm water puts her to sleep everytime!
If she's not in the bath and we want her to sleep we just turn the water on in the sink and soon enough she'll fall asleep.
These two buddies can't get enough of Reese
(West calls her babe and Reese the piece. G calls her Reese's)
Not sure what I would do without these two handsome fellas

I'm in love with them


The Preamble

The first video is Garrett reciting the Preamble. It seems so funny to hear this coming from a 5 year old. His kindergarten class is learning it right now. Garrett caught on pretty quick. I just thought you might like to watch......The second video is Weston's take on the Preamble. Hearing G say it a million times has taught West a little bit of it. I didn't realize how good kids are at memorizing things.


more pictures of Reese

My sweet friend Andrea took these cute pictures of Reese! She did an amazing job! I loved all the pictures but I tried to only put a few. These were taken when she was four days old so she has already changed a lot. I'll have to post more later. Reese is a sweet baby. She has been good to us so far. Hopefully she'll stay that way!