2 months

Reese is 2 months old already! I don't know how time goes by so fast. Everytime I look at her I swear her cheeks have grown another inch or two. She's starting to get chubby and I love it. She reminds me so much of Garrett when he was a baby. He had the saggy cheeks too. It sure is fun having a little girl around she keeps all of us entertained. We love her so much. Oh, p.s. her cute little headband is from my sisters store: http://www.missplunkettboutique.com/index2.php#/home/. You have to look at their website. They have such adorable things!!

She got bored while i was taking pictures so she took a nap.



I think this is the first year that my kids have decided what they wanted to be for Halloween. If it was up to me they would have been something cute and cuddly. They look all grown up and I'm not really ready to have old kids! Fortunately Reese doesn't have an opinion of what she'd like to be so I had her be a zebra. Garrett was a Ninja and West was a Ninja Turtle (seriously? Ninja Turtles are back?)
Check out Kev's freaky mask. I seriously cringe when I look at it.

Reese was not okay with wearing a hat but I mader her do it for pictures