Reese’s 1st Birthday



It really happened, Reese turned one on 9/11/11. Crazy. I’m sad and happy and grateful. She has been so much fun lately. She loves her brothers more than anything. They entertain her most of the day. She is slowly starting to walk by herself and it’s hilarious to watch. She tries to copy anything we say or do. She already runs the show, and she’s kind of bossy. She can be pretty sassy sometimes.  We love her. This is her on her Birthday being a little grumpy.



We had a mini Birthday party at my parents house for her.



I tried making her a ruffle cake and could not get it right. It’s the thought that counts, right?


She wasn’t too interested in the cake so Kevin stuck her hand right into it.  She had a tiny taste and was done, she didn’t want to be messy. She’s such a girl already.



This was the second attempt on the ruffle cake……it looked a little better but not much. I’m going to keep practicing.



She liked the cake about the same as the first. I thought she’d go crazy the second time around.


She’d rather chew on a carrot than eat Birthday cake……not sure where she came from.


Back to School





The boys both started school a while ago and I am still in shock! Garrett started 1st grade and he loves it. He was a little nervous the first few days but he never complained. He loves it so much now but I don’t know how I feel about him being gone for so long. He has to be at the bus stop at 7:30 but he gets home at 2:30 so it’s nice for him because he has time to play!!



Weston started his last year of preschool and of course he loves everything about it.  He has no trouble leaving me when it’s time for school (I guess that’s a good thing). It’s crazy how different G and West are! I feel like the luckiest person to have these two little guys. I wish they could stay like this forever.