7 years

It has been 7 amazing years since Kevin and I got married. I can't believe how fast it has gone by. I feel so blessed to be married to such an awesome guy. He makes me so happy and he makes me laugh every single day. I have so much fun when I'm with him. I'm lucky he puts up with me! On our anniversary we went to the I Fly place with our friends. Jess found a good deal for the boys so we took them up to hang out for the day. It was so much fun to watch everyone. Kev doing the Flow Rider (I could not get the picture to go any bigger. I'm retarded!! This will have to do). Look what the board did to his foot. Nasty, I know. It was even worse in person!
Reese came with us and was an angel the whole day!

Kev, Bradyn, and Matt getting ready for a climb.
Kev doing the I fly. This was his favorite out of everything they did. I was so jealous of this part! It looked really hard but fun.

Matt, Tyler, Kevin, Sam, and Bradyn
This is our anniversary picture. I'm diggin the jumpsuit.


Valentine's Day

Usually for Valentine's Day we go to dinner and a movie, but this year we decided it would work better to stay home with all the kiddos. I felt bad not going out so we thought we'd try to make it a special day for everyone. The boys helped me decorate the house and make cookies. They had so much fun getting things ready for a fun dinner. When Kev came home we fed the boys a special dinner and sent them to watch a show in our room so we could enjoy some alone time (well almost alone time, Reese joined us for dinner). It's nice to have a good excuse to have a candlelight dinner. It doesn't happen very often!

Reese just hung out the whole time we ate dinner. She was an angel.