In loving memory.......

A man of great faith, service, and love. President Hinckley was an incredible man, who spent a lifetime serving the Lord and others. He was such a great example to all of us. His personality was loved by everyone. He was always making us laugh. What an amazing person, he will be missed.


Garrett and Kate

I just found this picture of Kate and G. I loved it so I had to post it. They are so funny to watch, sometimes they play really well and other times they act like worst enemies. Kate is G's cousin and he really loves her, even though he doesn't act like it all of the time.


Check out these sick moves!!

I've always seen the big messes babies make with spaghetti on movies but I always thought they were exaggerating a little bit. I was obviously wrong. I had no idea. I never knew West could was that flexible either. I am learning something new everyday and I'm loving every second of it!!


time flies...

It is crazy to think that this little guy just turned one. It doesn't seem like he's been around for 12 months. We have been so blessed to have him. He is getting big so fast so we are enjoying every second. Happy Birthday buddy!