six amazing years

I got in trouble this weekend because for some reason I got my anniversary confused with another day. I don't know why but I did. Kev came up to me first thing in the morning on Friday nd said, "Happy anniversary! yes! I said it first." and I said, "Nice try, it's not today it's on Sunday. Oh that is funny you thought it was today. How embarrassing!" Then he fought me on it for a while until finally I realized it WAS on Friday. HE was RIGHT? What? Isn't the wife supposed to be the one that has the dates memorized? He forgave me and we had a fun night out down in St. George while my parents watched the boys. I'm just telling you all this story so you can't be offended if I forget your birthday because I can't even remember when I was married.


nap time?

We gave Weston and G a nap on Sunday after church and when they woke up, this is what we found...

I wasn't sure what to think. I laughed really hard when I first looked at him (of course without him seeing me). After the laughter settled I wondered where he got a pen and if it was just on him or all over his room. I checked out the room and it was fine. West said he did this all on his own with no help from G but I'm not sure what really happened. Either way it reminds me that everyday can be full of surprises.