I need a little help from the ladies........

It's about time for me to pay attention to my poor master bedroom. I have been ignoring it's ugliness for a long time now. I have been looking for bedding since the day we moved into our house and I've had no luck until now. I think I found a few good ideas but tell me the honest truth. My bed is black and I am going to paint the walls AFTER I get a bedspread! I think I will be decorating the whole entire room around it!


Vegas Vacation.....

We went to Vegas with a bunch of friends this weekend and we had a blast! We left the boys with my sister and my parents. It was an amazing break, we had so much free time I didn't know what to do with myself. We relaxed by the pool, shopped, ate, and played games. It was so perfect. We are so lucky to have such cool friends. Thanks Matt and Jess for setting it all up. (Sorry there's so many pictures, I should have done a slide show but I was feeling lazy!)
Most of the pictures are of us eating, I promise that's not all we did! I wish!

All us girls ate at Panera one day for lunch and it was amazing! It's my favorite place to eat! We need one by us.
We spent a whole day shopping, I think it was my favorite day on the trip!
Katie and I being super cheesy!
Whitney, Dani, and Jess
Me and my lover


G's turn.......

Kev and I were going to dinner with my family the other day and the second we got there we got a phone call from the babysitter who said G sliced his finger pretty good on a can of mandarine oranges. The sitter was so smart because as soon as it happened she took him over to the neighbor's to get some help. The neighbor told us he thought it needed stitches. Kev and I were both thinking that G would be fine and we'd just need to stick a bandaid on it when we got home. So Kev, being the gentleman that he is, told me to stay and eat dinner and he went to take care of G. When he got home he looked at G's finger and knew it needed stitches so he took him in. They put four stitches in his chubby little finger. He didn't like getting the shot in his finger but he was okay with everything else. Kev said when they were done stitching his finger he looked at it and said, "Cool!" It's crazy, I didn't think he would really need stitches. The only good thing is now G doesn't feel so left out!


Kev is the coolest Dad........

Kev is really the coolest dad. The boys can't get enough of him. They run around screaming when he walks through the door (I think I do the same thing.) He spends every second with them. He is the most patient person I know. These are just a few pictures of some of the fun things he does with the boys. He lets them eat cereal out of whatever size bowl they choose, he drags the mattress out of our room at least twice a week to watch movies with the boys, he reads books to them all day long, he lets them help him with things around the house, and he will do anything else they ask! I love him so much he makes our life so much fun. Thanks Kev for all the laughs. We love ya!