june 2011 015

G was on a baseball team with his cousin Brayden this year.  He was so much fun to watch.

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june 2011 019

Kev and West watching Garrett

june 2011 037

Playing catcher

june 2011 042

june 2011 054

june 2011 027

Reese loves going to all of the games

phone pics june-july 2011 049

Oh man, they’re getting big

phone pics june-july 2011 051


West loved t-ball. He was hilarious to watch



On to football and soccer


DIY West Elm lamp


I absolutely love this lamp at West Elm but it’s $150.00 and that’s way out of my price range!  I have seen a few people make their own so I thought I would give it a shot.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa west elm lamp


I got this jar at 4 chairs a while ago for about $30 and I thought it would work perfectly for the base of the lamp.

DSC00468I grabbed a make-a-lamp kit at Home Depot for $10

and a 1/2” drill bit for $8

You have to make sure the bit is used for drilling through glass



I started drilling and after about 30 minutes I got this sloppy looking hole but it worked just fine.


Then I started wiring it. I just followed the instructions on the back of the lamp making kit.  It was super easy!! I think it turned out pretty good. I used a lamp shade that I already had. This lamp cost about a 1/4 of the price of the West Elm lamp.


I like it

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa west elm lampDSC00509


4th of July




july 2011 186

           I love when she blows kisses, and Lori captured it perfectly!           

I know it’s a little late but I can’t skip the 4th so bare with me.

We had so much fun this year. I love having so many days to celebrate. First we went to Provo to watch the Stadium of Fire fireworks on a big patch of grass. We go there almost every year with the whole Cluff family (who we love so much). We haven’t been for a few years so it was fun to catch up.

boys b day party 2011 092

The handsome fella’s playing with an ipod of course.

july 2011 225

boys b day party 2011 086

Reese with Gramps….he saves me!

boys b day party 2011 103july 2011 185boys b day party 2011 090

The three kiddos all in different settings

(it’s so hard for me to remember to get pictures with all three of them in it!)



On the the actual 4th we went to my parents for a delicious breakfast in their beautiful yard (seriously, it’s so pretty)

july 2011 233

july 2011 240

And to top things off Grandpa put up a rad slip n’ slide!

boys b day party 2011 118boys b day party 2011 125

Garrett’s on the left and Weston’s on the right in all of the pictures. I love the face West is making.

boys b day party 2011 137boys b day party 2011 127 - Copy

boys b day party 2011 135boys b day party 2011 143

I even tried the slip n’ slide and it was so much fun. It brought back some good memories!

boys b day party 2011 145

West sure loves this girl so much

boys b day party 2011 150

Kasey, Kevin, Lori and Carter

I don’t even try to get my family to look at me while I take pictures, it’s just lucky I have these few.

boys b day party 2011 153

Dad, Grandma Bowen, Mom, back of Courtney, Kate’s cute little face in the left corner.  I love my family so so much. They are so much fun to be around. There’s just one thing missing…..my brother, his cute wife, and his adorable kids.  I miss them so much. It makes me cry when I think about them ( I seriously just got a little teary eyed)



Success! I got a picture of all three. It doesn’t matter if one is crying, one is looking another direction, and one looks a little grumpy/prideful. All that matters is that I think they are the greatest kids in the world. I really feel so blessed.

boys b day party 2011 154

What’s the 4th without a firework show? We went' to Thanksgiving Point with our friends and tried to stick it out but it rained before the fireworks started so we left and caught the show in the car on the drive home. It was still fun hanging out with our friends!!

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