family pictures

We just had our family pictures taken by one of my best friends harmony. She is so TALENTED!! I love her so much. She is one of the sweetest people I know. Thanks Harm for all your time! I want a family picture to hang in my house and I can't pick, so if any of you have an opinion I'd love to hear it.



These two had a blast this Halloween. They were so fun to watch because they are so different. West was so nervous when we'd go to a "scary house" but G loved it and would giggle the whole way up to the door!


amazing carveless pumpkins

I love the idea of carving a few pumpkins and painting a few. I have way too many pumpkins to carve them all. I found it on Twig & Thistle It's one of my favorite websites. You can find it on the side of my blog toward the bottom. So fun for something different! I'm going to have to give this a try.


funny story.....

Boys are so entertaining. It seems like they can't ever just play and have fun, they have to do something a little bit daring to make life more fun for all of us. We were in St. George for conference weekend and we were hanging out relaxing when my little nephew Bowen came upstairs and said, "Weston said he stuck a handle bar up his nose." I was confused and thought he was just playing around. Sure enough West came upstairs telling me the same thing. I was proud of him for admitting it (i remember sticking things up my nose a few times and never admitting it). Anyway, he managed to take the handle off of a little tiny bike and stick it up his nose. I looked up there and I could see it so we thought we'd have him blow his nose. We tried it and he was actually sniffing so it went up really far. I got sick of messing with it and my Mom and I decided to take him to the E.R. we tried the Insta-care first but they weren't sure they could get it out. The Dr. in the E.R. was awesome. He was so good with West. He wasn't nervous or anything. They had to wrap him in a burrito thing so he wouldn't move and West didn't even care. Then the nurse came in with cotton balls in his ears just incase it got ugly. They said they do this kind of thing on a regular basis. It was hilarious. They had a syringe thing that they used to get it out and when they started doing that West wasn't happy. I'm sure it was painful because your nose it so sensitive but he did really well and the Dr. was really fast. It's okay to laugh now because it's all over. Life is so crazy with little boys and I'm loving every second of it!! They make me laugh everyday.

This is how tiny the handle was. Crazy they could even get it out.



Kev and I saw this little beauty the other night on the side of our garage and it freaked both of us out. There was something weird about it. We were trying to figure out what kind of spider it was. It looked similar to a wolf spider but it looked a lot bigger than anything we'd seen. I wasn't about to kill it, and Kev was for sure not wanting to kill it but Kev knew if he didn't it would be crawling around. So he ran in the house and grabbed some LYSOL (so creative). He sprayed it for a while and it didn't move so he decided to try flicking it off the garage with a stick and once it fell he would step on it. Don't forget it was dark and really hard to see anything. Anyway, Kev flicked it off and the spider shrunk about 4 inches!! What the heck! We were so confused. It took us a while to figure out what happened but Kev finally figured out that it was a wolf spider with a million babies on her back! All the babies crawled everywhere. It was freakin me out (I still get the chills when I look at the pictures). Look at the difference in the pictures. The one on the bottom is what it looked like after Kev flicked it. I made the first picture big so you could see all of the little eyes glowing on the moms back. Sick. Why did I have to see something this nasty? I would feel a lot better if you could see it too. It was crazy.


Thanks to the Letter Factory

I bought a Leap Frog video called The Letter Factory. Miss Amber recomended it for kids who needed to learn their letters. I got it for G but West loved watching it with him. I can't believe how quick the boys caught on. If you are looking for a way to teach your kids the letters this is the way to do it! It's perfect for any age and it's only twelve bucks!! West wasn't completely cooperating but I think he did pretty good.


Back to school

I can't believe summer is gone!! It flew by. Garrett was so ready for preschool to start.
He looks so old! I'm not sure if this is my child.
West isn't sure about G going to preschool, he complains the whole time G is gone!
G is loving school and his teachers! He's made some cute friends and he gets a break from his mom. What could be better?


Jessica is amazing and is putting together this fundraiser for our friends. Read below, it explains everything!!

We are doing a fundraiser for some friends who deserve more than anyone to become parents! They have been trying for years, but have come to find out that they need surgeries before they can move forward with in-vetro or something else. To help them with the costs of the medical expenses we are doing a fundraiser! They may not approve... but I know they will be so grateful if everyone can pull together and help them so they can fulfill their dreams of starting a family! We sent out many fliers with this info...ALL proceeds will go towards paying medical expenses for Katie (Olsen) & Braydn Jones.When:September 5, 2009 9:00 am - 1:00 pmWhere:195 s. Mains St. Alpine, UT 84004To Donate:Please bring *donation items to Matt Flake @ 1261 W. 800 S. in Orem or call (801)836-0470 to arrange for a pick-up time by September 2, 2009. There has also been a donation fund set up under Braydn & Katie Jones at Bank of American Fork. (You must say "Funds for Braydn & Katie Jones" or account #1707421)*We are seeking items such as furniture, tools, crafts, or any high quality items. Even if you can't donate, please join us at the sale. There will be many items for purchase as well as food.Thank you so much for even reading this. We really hope that we will be able to do some good here and help them out. We appreciate everyones help! Please pass the word along!!


lots to talk about

I am such a slacker when it comes to blogging lately! There's way too many other things to be doing when it's hot outside.
These two have been keeping me busy and very entertained this summer. I love them. They are hilarious.
G learned how to ride his bike without training wheels. We took him to the park and Kev gave him a push and told him to pedal and he had it down after about five minutes. It was awesome.
All he ever wants to do is ride his bike.
We decided to potty train West a few months ago and he caught on so fast. I thought it would be a nightmare but he must have been ready. He's done so good.
What would I do without these two?




Kev was the decision maker in giving the boys a buzz. I wanted to leave their hair just how it was! I guess it worked out alright. They just seem so much older. It'll work great for summer but I can't wait until it grows back! The boys love it! They think they look tough I guess that's a good thing!


4th of July weekend

Kev had Friday off so we decided to take the boys to the zoo. They had blast checking out all of the animals!

G was seriously trying so hard to put his hands straight out to his side and this is what he came up with! He cracks me up!

Little buddies/enemies (depending on the day)

After the Zoo we headed to the Owls game with our friends. It was so much fun to just hang out and watch some baseball.

Kev's hat was blocking the sun and he was not about to move it for the picture!

On the 4th we went swimming with my family. So fun!

West ate it up! He had a blast.

Wouldn't it be nice to be pushed around? I'd give anything.

Those are some sick goggles!

What?? He looks so amazingly innocent! I love him!

After swimming we went to my parents luscious back yard. I wish I would have taken more pictures. I'll have to show it off sometime. All I can say is it looks like a magazine cover! I wish it was mine.

My mom makes the best food. We ate and ate and ate!

We ended the night with a firework show at Thanks Giving Point with Kev's family. My amazing cousin performed while we were there. She is seriously the best. I will show you when she gets a cd out!

Waiting for the big show, which wasn't even big this year. It was kind of disappointing!

Kev's parents are awesome!

Kev truckin' the little guys around. I'm not going to lie, he looks pretty good doing it!

Taking the wagon was the best! It made the walk to the car so much better.
Well that about wraps it up! Sorry for all the pics. I didn't want to do another slide show and scare off anyone!