Thanksgiving favors...........

These little favors are so perfect for Thanksgiving. My sister Lori gave me these ideas and I actually loved making both of them. To make the indian corn I just used a long and skinny cellophane bag, (from Pioneer Party) folded it in half making it as skinny as I wanted, and taped it so it would keep it's shape. Then I filled it with Reese's pieces and wrapped a tamale wrapper around the bag and tied a bow around the end to hold it in place. You can find tamale wrappers at the grocery store. To make the cornucopia you hold end of sugar cone over steaming water until it is soft (the steam from the spout of a teapot works very well). Gently bend the end of the cone and let dry. You can fill the cones with harvest candy or Runts. Cover the opening with a small piece of plastic wrap or cellophane and tie with a ribbon.


nothing to blog about.......

I have nothing to blog about so these will have to do for now.


Happy Birthday

Happy 27th Kev, we love you!!



The boys had so much fun on Halloween. Garrett loved dressing up and trick or treating. He asks me to put on his cowboy costume everyday. Weston took off his costume the second he had a chance. He loved eating the candy and that's about it. They were both so much fun to dress up!