amazing carveless pumpkins

I love the idea of carving a few pumpkins and painting a few. I have way too many pumpkins to carve them all. I found it on Twig & Thistle It's one of my favorite websites. You can find it on the side of my blog toward the bottom. So fun for something different! I'm going to have to give this a try.


funny story.....

Boys are so entertaining. It seems like they can't ever just play and have fun, they have to do something a little bit daring to make life more fun for all of us. We were in St. George for conference weekend and we were hanging out relaxing when my little nephew Bowen came upstairs and said, "Weston said he stuck a handle bar up his nose." I was confused and thought he was just playing around. Sure enough West came upstairs telling me the same thing. I was proud of him for admitting it (i remember sticking things up my nose a few times and never admitting it). Anyway, he managed to take the handle off of a little tiny bike and stick it up his nose. I looked up there and I could see it so we thought we'd have him blow his nose. We tried it and he was actually sniffing so it went up really far. I got sick of messing with it and my Mom and I decided to take him to the E.R. we tried the Insta-care first but they weren't sure they could get it out. The Dr. in the E.R. was awesome. He was so good with West. He wasn't nervous or anything. They had to wrap him in a burrito thing so he wouldn't move and West didn't even care. Then the nurse came in with cotton balls in his ears just incase it got ugly. They said they do this kind of thing on a regular basis. It was hilarious. They had a syringe thing that they used to get it out and when they started doing that West wasn't happy. I'm sure it was painful because your nose it so sensitive but he did really well and the Dr. was really fast. It's okay to laugh now because it's all over. Life is so crazy with little boys and I'm loving every second of it!! They make me laugh everyday.

This is how tiny the handle was. Crazy they could even get it out.