my three lifesavers....

Jodi and Melanie

Grey's Anatomy


Jodi and Melanie have been so fun to have around. It would be so hard to be away from home with no friends to keep me entertained. Melanie told us how amazing Grey's Anatomy is so we started watching it and we can't stop. It is so addicting! Jodi showed us how to make bibs and burp cloths so we started to sew while we watched Grey's. It definately keeps us busy. It's going to be hard to get back to real life when we get home, but I can't wait!


Can anyone help?

My amazing friend of 22 years and her sweet husband are trying to adopt. They are both such great people. I have known Emily my whole life and I loved her more and more everyday! She is the happiest, most cheerful person I've ever met. Eversince we were little she has wanted to be a Mom. She's a natural. I can't think of anything else she would rather do. She is a strong and beautiful person. There is nothing she deserves more than to be able to be a Mom. To read more about Emily and Kc go to their blog http://teedle.blogspot.com/. Word of mouth is the best way to spread news. Please help if you can. You can also email Emily at emilyg1019@hotmail.com Thanks!


a trip to the beach

On Sunday we took a trip to the beach in Galviston. We thought we should try it out since it's only 2 hours away. West thought the ride was a little long so he decided to take a nap while he was on his cell phone. He loves to pretend he's talking on the phone, I have no idea who he got that from! Anyway, the boys had a blast, they loved playing in the water because it was so warm. It made it hard to cool off! We have so much fun with our friends. We are so lucky to have them here with us.

Marli and Noah are so cute together. They are so nice to have around, they keep the boys entertained. Garrett and West get so excited when they come over to play. They are two of the cutest babies I've ever seen!


G turned 3!!

It is amazing how time flies! I can't believe how fast G has grown. I am a little late posting about his Birthday, but I thought I would still show some pictures of the big day. G has been the funnest little guy to have around. He's always making us laugh. I can't imagine life without him. For his Birthday he begged us to take him to Chuck E Cheese, we thought it would be fun since he doesn't really have any friends his age here in Texas. Both of the boys loved everything about it. The next day we had a little party with the Mendenhall's and had cake and ice cream. He even got some fun packages in the mail. His Birthday lasted way too long. He loved it.


the thunder rolls, and the lightning strikes.......

Lately we've been having some scary storms here in Beaumont. The weather is so unpredictable, one second the sky is clear and the next thing you know it's storming like crazy! Last week we had a big thunderstorm and the lightning was unbelievable. It actually hit our building and fried my computer! Are you serious? I didn't think that would ever really happen. Apparently it happens a lot in Beaumont. We got the computer fixed and then found out the internet modem thing got fried too. It was hard being without a computer and it was only about a week. Anyway, we got the computer and the internet up and running and found out it has a virus or something messing it up. So I might not be able to update my blog as often as I'd like. I can't wait to get it all figured out! Wish me luck!