Garrett's Graduation

We had Garrett's Kindergarten graduation a while ago and it was so much fun to watch. It seems crazy to me that he's already done with school this year. He had such a fun program to show us. They sang some amazing songs, read books, and recited the Preamble. Garrett did such an awesome job, I was so proud of him. G is so excited for 1st grade but he wishes his teacher could come with him.

Mrs. Mikulecky and Garrett
She is really the most fabulous teacher.

Mom, G, and Reese


just an update

I just love these two. They have to be with each other every second.
We got a ton of dirt for the yard and these two helped me so much.

Reese is getting so big so fast. She loves to stand up and play, she will NOT crawl! I'm working on it. I still make her play on her tummy a lot but she just cries and rolls around the whole time! She already runs the show!

Reese, Nixon, Brox

Reese has some pretty handsome little fellas she,s been hanging out with.

She loves having buddies her age.

Nixon Jones, Reese Wood, Brox Flake

I had to put this picture up, I thought it was sweet that Reese was giving her loves.