need one?

If anyone needs a Wii I've got one that I can sell to you for 300 bucks. It's brand new and would make a perfect last minute Christmas gift. I don't want to ship it so you'd have to pick it up. If you are interested let me know.



You guessed it,this recipe is from my sister Lori. Isn't she amazing? These cookies are so easy and so delicious! You need one package of Oreos and one and a half bags of Andes baking chips (they are easy to find at Walmart). All you do is pull the Oreos apart and scrape out the filling, then you melt the Andes baking chips in a pot on the stove on low heat (the microwave would probably work even faster). Then you dip the Oreos in the melted chocolate. After they are covered in delicious mint chocolate I take them out with a fork (I hold them over the pot for a while to let all the extra chocolate drip off). Then I place them on parchment paper. They taste kind of like a grasshopper cookie. Amazing. I am giving them for neighbor gifts this year. I put a picture of a few different ways to wrap them. They would make a great teacher gift too.


Temple Square

We went to Temple Square to see the lights with our friends and it was amazing. We didn't stay long because it was freezing and we had the kids with us. I can't believe they lasted as long as they did. They were definitely numb by the time we left. It was so pretty, there were lights everywhere. I love seeing the temple in December.



Grandma got to sit on Santa's lap too!

We had a Christmas party at my parents tonight and while we were sitting around playing games Santa walked through the door. He was so sweet and most of the kids loved him. West wouldn't get too close unless Kev was holding him. It was so much fun. Thanks Mom and Dad for all the fun we had! The party made me so excited for Christmas, the boys are at such fun ages. I can't wait!


Decorating cookies

We decorated cookies the other night with the boys and Garrett loved every minute of it. West didn't like frosting the cookies because they looked messy. He wouldn't even taste a cookie with frosting on it, but don't worry G finished off all of the extras. It was fun and messy!



Jessica and Matt invited us to go to Thanksgiving Point to see Santa and it was so fun. West wasn't very interested in Santa, in fact he was scared to death of him. Garrett loved sitting on his lap all by himself. They gave us a picture and it didn't cost us a penny! When we were done with Santa we went to the little ice cream place and they give out kiddie cones for free! I loved how fun and cheap this little night out was. Thanks Matt and Jess, we had a lot of fun!


Thanksgiving favors...........

These little favors are so perfect for Thanksgiving. My sister Lori gave me these ideas and I actually loved making both of them. To make the indian corn I just used a long and skinny cellophane bag, (from Pioneer Party) folded it in half making it as skinny as I wanted, and taped it so it would keep it's shape. Then I filled it with Reese's pieces and wrapped a tamale wrapper around the bag and tied a bow around the end to hold it in place. You can find tamale wrappers at the grocery store. To make the cornucopia you hold end of sugar cone over steaming water until it is soft (the steam from the spout of a teapot works very well). Gently bend the end of the cone and let dry. You can fill the cones with harvest candy or Runts. Cover the opening with a small piece of plastic wrap or cellophane and tie with a ribbon.


nothing to blog about.......

I have nothing to blog about so these will have to do for now.


Happy Birthday

Happy 27th Kev, we love you!!



The boys had so much fun on Halloween. Garrett loved dressing up and trick or treating. He asks me to put on his cowboy costume everyday. Weston took off his costume the second he had a chance. He loved eating the candy and that's about it. They were both so much fun to dress up!


a little bit sick......

Poor West has a cold and has not been feeling good for a couple days. I hate when kids are sick. It seems like there is nothing I can do to make him feel better. He just wants to lay around. If he sits down for one second he ends up falling asleep! Yesterday Kev was outside mowing the lawn and West fell asleep on his toy thing! It seem like all he does is sleep. I think that's probably a good thing. Hopefully he will start feeling better soon. I can't wait for him to start acting like his old self.


glow sticks

Kev and I have seen the funniest videos with people wearing glow sticks so we decided to try it out on G and West. This video isn't the best but it's the only one I could get before West was done. We were thinking we should have the boys wear them for Halloween, but there is no way West would leave them on!


Garrett's way of riding a bike......

Garrett got a bike a while ago and he cannot figure out how to pedal! It is so frustrating to try to teach him because he doesn't really care if he can't do it, he'll just try again later. I guess he gave up on trying to figure it out himself and asked his little brother to step in and give him a hand!!


the little guys....

If it weren't for Sundays I'd never get to dress these two up!



Fall has got to be my very favorite season! There are so many things about the fall that I love. The weather, the decorations, the nice long drives we take to look at the leaves, the smells, and the yummy food!
These pumkin chocolate chip muffins are one of my favorite things. My Mom always made them in the fall! They are so good, you will have to try the recipe out. It's a family favorite!!
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins- Anne Bowen

1/3 C. shortening or butter 1 C. sugar

Cream together:
2 eggs
1 C. pumpkin
1/2 C. molasses
Stir into mixture.

2 C. flour
1/2 tsp. cloves
1/4 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. salt
1 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. cinnamon
1/2 tsp. ginger
1-12 ounce bag chocolate chips

Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.

Aromatique cinnamon cider candle
The smells in the fall are another one of my favorites! All of the candles are amazing but this one is the best I have ever smelled! It is a perfect candle for fall and for the winter. SO GOOD! You can find them online or at Haw's floral. They have little ones at Evans Gate House, and at Christmas time they have them at Dillards. My Mom and my sisters love it too! There is nothing better then a house that smells like fall!


a visit from the cousins

My brother and his wife have been here visiting with their two cute kids. We hate having them so far away but it makes it so fun when they come visit. My sister Lori and her family came down too while Nate was here so we had everyone together. My parents took us and all of the kids to "Liberty Land," that new place just off the freeway. It was so much fun, I think the adults had just as much fun as the kids. I even saw my mom and my brother in law riding the horses on the carousel! West wanted to ride the airplanes over and over again. He loved going all by himself. G loved the go carts, he couldn't get enough! We have loved being able to hang out with everyone when ever we want. Garrett and West don't even know what to do with all of the cousins around. They have a blast playing with them. We will miss everyone so much!