I wish......

I just thought I would share some of my dream kitchens with everyone. I can't get enough of them. I doubt I'll ever have anything this fancy but it's always fun to dream. Maybe someone else out there will get one of these kitchens and invite me over to hang out in it. I think that's the closest I'll ever get! There's way too many options out there!



This is usually what happens when I go shopping with the boys and I love it because I feel like I can take my time. Don't they look comfy? I was jealous for a minute.


easily entertained

It seems like all we do is go all day long! I think we spend half of our day in the car driving back and forth. The only thing that keeps these two happy for a long time is their sunglasses! They love wearing them and I am glad something so small could keep them entertained so well!



I love hearing West sing, he actually has a good tune. I think he learned the ABC's while we were in Vegas. Maybe I should go out of town more often if it's going to help him learn something new!



My sister Jackie and I get to visit my grandma Richards every week (when the kids aren't sick). We call it Gwensday because her name is Gwen and we visit her on Wednesdays, ha ha get it? She is such an amazing person. We feel so lucky to have her around. She would kill me if she knew I said that! She wants to be with my Grandpa and I don't blame her but it wouldn't be the same without her. We love her so much and enjoy every second we get with her.