3 more days....

We are coming home soon! We are so excited to see our friends and family again! We are going to miss having Melanie and Jodi right next door, so I guess we'll just have to visit them everyday. We have had such a fun time with Marli and Noah too. The boys ask to play with them every second. They have been so nice to have around to entertain the boys. I think having friends close by has made being away so much easier. We are going to miss having you guys across the hall, but we can't wait to be home!


Kc and Emily

Kc and Emily now have an amazing website that is full of information regarding their interest in adoption. The link is on my sidebar if you are interested or know anyone else who might be. I know Kc and Em will be blessed to have a child in their lives. They are such amazing people who I love so much. Any child would be greatly blessed to have them as parents. This website will help things move faster.


bath buddies

I always have a hard time convincing the boys to take a bath (maybe because I make them do it everyday.) I can't help it, they smell so good when they get out! Once they get in the water they love it! They splash eachother and get water all over the floor. I used to hate cleaning it up but I'm getting used to it now. Sometimes I forget how fast time goes by. I love these little guys and I can't imagine my life without them.