Sorry Mom

I was at my moms the other day sitting in the family room and in walks Garrett with black marks all over his face. He found my mascara in my bag and decided it would be fun to try putting it on. He got pretty close! The first thing he said to me was, "Sorry Mom." How could I get upset about that.

Dressing up

One of our friends had a Halloween party on Thursday. We didn't get a lot of pictures at all but it was really fun dressing up and hanging out with our friends. Jess was there too even though I don't have any pictures of her.



We were so excited to wake up this morning and find snow on the ground. I think I was more excited than the kids. The first thing we did was make a little snowman, he was only about 4 " tall.

Here's Kev and G having a snowball fight. I think G loves being able to throw something at us with out getting in trouble.
I can't wait until we get a real snow storm! I think the snow has already mostly melted. I'm glad we went out early and got some snow time in.


Girls Day Out!!

My sister Lori came down from St. George last weekend. We had a Girls Day Out, it was a blast. My sweet niece Courtney watched Garrett and some of the other boys for us. Thanks Court, we could have never gone if you didn't help us out. My mom took us to this fun little place in Salt Lake, it's a french bistro and bakery. They are famous for their pastries. We love pastries! It was delicious, thanks mom. We went to Gygi's and Tai Pan. Oh what a day, what more could you ask for. I love to eat and shop, perfect combination! I miss Lori so much.


The Little Guys!

G loves shoes so much, he has always been interested in any shoe he can find. He wears my shoes around all the time and Kev tells him not to wear girl shoes only boy ones. I love watching him try to get around in a pair of shoes that are ten sizes too big. He is so fun to watch and to hang out with, I love my little buddy so much!

West is growing up so fast. He is almost 11 months old. Everyday he is trying something new. He has just discovered his voice and all of the sounds he can make. I love hearing his little voice and seeing his sweet face while he's telling me all about his day! He's already got such a fun personality.