home for the holidays

We had the funnest Christmas at our house. That's why I haven't updated my blog until now. We have been crazy busy. Garrett and West couldn't get enough of the present opening. Kev and I were surprised to see that West actually loved it. I thought he was still a little young, but he was so fun to watch. Garrett couldn't have been happier, he wanted trucks and trailers and that's exactly what Santa brought. West got a fun train that plays music. They were both so happy. Kev spoiled me and made me a cute desk for my computer. It's in the slide show below. I loved it, he kept it a secret until Christmas eve. It was the best present! We hope everyone had a great Christmas.

christmas fun


Free haircuts!

We decided it was time for the boys to have a little haircut. Lucky for me, Kev knows just how to do it. It was Weston's first official haircut. I thought it would be hard for him to sit still but he actually loved it and sat perfectly still. Garrett enjoyed it a little too much, he was hyper so it was harder to convince him to sit still. It was fun for me because I just watched while Kev did all the work.


Gingerbread Houses!

We had a lot of fun the other night with some friends. We decided it might be fun to make gingerbread houses. It can be really stressful and really fun at the same time. It was hard to compete with such creative people. Matt and Jess had a cute christmas tree and lights all across the roof, and Bradyn and Katie made a log cabin with a deer head mounted on the outside of it. They were both so cute. I am not a creative person at all so thankfully Kev helped out and decided to put shutters and some other fun stuff on ours. Bradyn and Katie took the win for sure!! I love being surrounded by such fun happy people.


We started a fun tradition at the first of December, and it is our new favorite thing to do. We sit by the Christmas tree with blankets and read Christmas books just before bed. I think the boys really enjoy it. Garrett loves it because he gets to stay up a little later and he has me and Kev all to himself. Usually Weston is in bed by the time we do it, but if we're home we try to do it with him too.

Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa, the boys have matching pj's. I wish they could wear matching pj's forever but I'm pretty sure it won't be happening. We are having so much fun this year preparing for Christmas (that's why I'm so behind on my blog.) I love the days we can just stay home with the fun tree and watch Christmas shows. I don't ever want it to end!!


Helpin' Dad

Garrett cannot let Kevin do anything alone. He has to be by his side helping him, or at least trying to help. Do you love Garrett's big snow shovel? I obviously need to get the poor guy a big one. I love that it is snowing now! It just makes me even more excited for Christmas.

So Big!

This is Weston's favorite thing to do (as of two days ago). It is so funny to watch him, he kind of reminds me of an old man with a walker. I love watching him do new things everyday.