Reese’s 1st Birthday



It really happened, Reese turned one on 9/11/11. Crazy. I’m sad and happy and grateful. She has been so much fun lately. She loves her brothers more than anything. They entertain her most of the day. She is slowly starting to walk by herself and it’s hilarious to watch. She tries to copy anything we say or do. She already runs the show, and she’s kind of bossy. She can be pretty sassy sometimes.  We love her. This is her on her Birthday being a little grumpy.



We had a mini Birthday party at my parents house for her.



I tried making her a ruffle cake and could not get it right. It’s the thought that counts, right?


She wasn’t too interested in the cake so Kevin stuck her hand right into it.  She had a tiny taste and was done, she didn’t want to be messy. She’s such a girl already.



This was the second attempt on the ruffle cake……it looked a little better but not much. I’m going to keep practicing.



She liked the cake about the same as the first. I thought she’d go crazy the second time around.


She’d rather chew on a carrot than eat Birthday cake……not sure where she came from.


Beck said...

I cant believe she is one already, CRAZY!!! She is such a doll. And that first picture of all three of your kids is VERY cute!! Such cute kids. How can two ugly people make such cute kids??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!!!

melody said...

Wow, that was a quick year! She is a doll and I love her chub.

Bowen Family said...

What a cutie! You did a nice job on the cakes. I can't believe she is one and I missed it. We are so sorry. I bet those brothers are so good to her. Love ya!

Emily said...

I must have forgotten that her birthday is only one day before the triplets'! I can't believe it's already been a year. I know I've said it before, but how do they grow up so fast?! She is so darling. I also love the cake! Happy late birthday, Reese.

Crystal said...

Can't believe she's one! She just keeps getting more beautiful!! I think the cake looks great! I saw it on pinterest and want to make one too; you've inspired me!!

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