5 months

My sweet friend Katie took these pictures of Reese for me the other day, and oh my word she did an amazing job! She told me she's not professional but she really is! She has such a good eye and she can make anything look beautiful. Katie, thank you so much for taking such sweet pictures. I love them.

She even managed to snap a few pictures of the boys.

I think she likes Katie too


These two are in LOVE with their little sister and she is in love with them. I love how well they get along.
Reese loves the bath more than anything else. She kicks and screams happily the whole time. If she's ornery I just put her in the bath and everything gets better quick.

I love her
She loves her Dad.
He can get her to fall asleep anywhere

G and West got a tramp for Christmas and they have been out jumping every single day. I think they'll love it even more in the summer.

They are so sweet, I love them


Oh my gosh, my little man is 4!! I can't believe he is getting so old! I love him so much. He makes us laugh all the time. He says some pretty funny stuff. He is the sweetest older brother to Reese and he's Garrett's right hand man. He makes me so happy!
For his birthday he asked to go to Texas Roadhouse and we gladly accepted! We like to make his birthday special because it's the day after Christmas so it's kind of a bummer. He loved the attention he got sitting on the saddle.

We had a fun day. We went bowling (I forgot my camera when we went bowling), made a fun basketball cake, and ate ice cream at Emmett's.
He was very pleased with his birthday!!

Oh yum!
Happy 4th Birthday little buddy. Could you please stay 4 for a while? I love this age!