Weston's Preschool Graduation

Weston had his preschool graduation yesterday. It was great to see all of the things he has learned this year. I had no idea he could do so much, I was so proud of him. He sang songs, memorized nursery rhymes, recited sounds of the letters in the alphabet, counted by 5's and 10's, identified coins and what they're worth, and all kinds of things. He was happy and stayed quietly in his chair the entire program. He had such a great teacher. We feel lucky to have her teaching Weston again next year

Weston and his preschool class

Weston reciting his part for the program

Weston and his sweet teacher Mrs. Hunsaker

Weston, Reese, and Mom


bathroom redo


For some reason I have to always be doing a big project or dream about doing one. I think I'm going to stick with dreaming about it! I thought the bathroom would be a great place to make some changes. I thought it would be so quick and easy because it's so small! Wow, I was wrong! It took quite some time. Kevin did pretty much everything! He is seriously not a fan of ever changing one thing in the house (so wise) but he is a good guy and wants to make me happy, so he willingly helps me with all of my projects. I was looking at the before and after pictures of the bathroom on the computer and the boys both decided they liked the old bathroom much better. I really hope I haven't made a mistake. You will have to be the judge.